My Story



I'm Hannaa


An artist, illustrator, educator and a former architect!  


I am  fascinated by watercolour paint and the power of words.  On one hand, it celebrates the magic and transparency that exist in watercolours and how this can be applied in painting gemstones and jewels. On the other hand, words impart feelings of empowerment and inspiration to the work. When I work with watercolours, it brings out an intense focus transporting me to a distant realm. It is almost a meditative process and provides calm and peace to my mind. This is a feeling that through my art I want to impart on my audience, thus creating a connection to the piece I have created for them. 

Watercolour is a distinct and captivating medium that dances on the paper before magically settling in and creating its own valuable mark and unique beauty. Its transparent nature naturally celebrates shine and light as it is reflected and refracted on the gemstones and jewels that I paint.


 My Journey


Born in Mauritius, I moved to Australia to study architecture and found my true calling through the creative or imaginative side that I had to draw on in architecture: designing, creating, drawing and painting.

Enduring struggles with anxiety and depression  finally took me to where I am meant to be - in my own home-based studio in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. This is where I find peace and inspiration to experiment and create my pieces.

I became a full time artist in 2017 and in 2018 was awarded a high commendation award from the City of South Perth for my piece called Tingle Tree.


My Purpose


Finding a purpose in life and understanding why you have been brought here to this earth can be a hard mission.  Everyday wondering why me to one day wake up and realise it!

My mother named me Hannaa meaning happiness in the Arabic language. And it occurred to me that I would like to create this platform where I can be happy doing what I do while also spreading happiness through my creations and by teaching what I do.

Since then, I have worked with children from as young as 4 years of age and shown them how to go about their creations and have fun with it.  I have also worked with children suffering from anxiety and diagnosed with autism and it has been amazing to see how art positively impacted their life too!


My Art, My Passion


Being mainly self taught, my passions include playing with acrylic paints and inks, watercolours and gouache.  These mediums enable modern contemporary pieces to be created mixing art with design and illustration.

I also love to create textured art with acrylic paints, moulding paste and collage papers.




I currently work from my home studio in Currambine, WA, where I can take individual and small group bookings.

I have workshops for adults running throughout the year at various locations.

I also take bookings for groups for adult parties and get together.


Phone Number

0404 797 262

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