Adorned By Magic

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Peacocks are such amazing birds don’t you think? Their gorgeous plumage in tones or blue and greens, some of my favourite colours. 

The bedazzled peacock pays homage to this amazing bird, displaying grace, femininity and bedazzlement.  Like many of us she doesn’t realise her understated beauty and power but it is here in full display for the world to see and she only needs to come into her power.

Created on the idea of embellishing the already magnificent tail of a peacock with sapphires and diamonds, in a pose where the bird is proudly displaying its magical tail, this painting is a metaphor for the way we women need to see ourselves.

Adorned by Magic is my message to women who may be struggling with self esteem and self confidence to feel empowered and to shine through their imperfections.

This painting is an original watercolour on 300 gsm cotton rag

This painting is available with a double matt of off-white and gold, and framed in a champagne coloured frame. The double matt provides a gold border to the painting.

Framed Size: 70.5cm x 88cm

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