Aquamarine- A March Birthstone

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The watercolour Aquamarine, a March birthstone is a fine art print reproduction on Fine Art Paper using Giclée printing.

Available as a 21x15 cm printed image on Fine Art Paper. Follow this framing guide for your best framing options.

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The Aquamarine is a fine art print reproduction from an original watercolour painting of an aquamarine in a pear shape. It is Available on Fine Art Paper and supplied with a mat-board ready for framing.

If you would prefer a print on Canvas, please Contact Me.

Meaning behind the painting

The Aquamarine is a March Birthstone with a sparkling blue colour reminiscent of the glistening ocean, after which it is named (Aquamarine means water of the sea). This light blue colour evokes a feeling of calm and ease. It is believed that it reduces fear and judgement from those who wear an aquamarine. My message to you through this painting of the Aquamarine is to remember to remain fearless when it comes to our ambitions. These days are tough, there is no doubt about it. We go through lows and highs, and for some of us more lows than highs. I call upon you, us really, to remain at peace with who you are and what you want to achieve. Keep on SPARKLING and SHINING.