Citrine - A November Birthstone

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The watercolour Citrine, a November birthstone is a fine art print reproduction on Fine Art Paper using Giclée printing.

Available as a 30x30 cm printed image Fine Art Paper. Follow this framing guide for your best framing options.

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The Citrine is a fine art print reproduction from an original watercolour painting of a yellow-orange citrine in a trillion cut. It is available on Fine Art Paper and supplied with a mat-board, ready for framing.

If you would prefer a print on Canvas, please Contact Me.

The Citrine is known as the happy stone. It is known to bring energy, success and prosperity. It attracts wealth, abundance and joy. This painting of the Citrine is here to achieve nothing less than inspire you to remain truly happy in your life. With happiness comes motivation and with motivation you can reach your goals which in turns creates success and more happiness.