Dhikr - 3 piece collection

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The Tasbih, Tahmid and Takbir are the three forms of Dhikr or glorification of Allah (SWT) that our Prophet Mohammad taught his daughter Fatimah (AS) and her husband Ali, and are commonly known as the "Tasbih of Fatimah".This three piece collection include 3 watercolour paintings created on hand made circular paper with a FEATURE deckled edge. 

The three paintings depict:

  1. Soubhanallah
  2. Alhamdoulillah
  3. Allahu Akbar

In Arabic Calligraphy adorned by a Traditional Moroccan/Arab Tessellation

These three paintings are painted in a set and belong together. Painted on handmade paper, they will make the perfect addition to your decor.

These original painting in watercolours will suit any interior decor and connect to your spirituality and faith. 

Each painting is 30cm DIAMETER - Unframed. 

Frames are available on request.